Launching of Bettersize's Multilingual Websites

With the continuous and vigorous development of particle size analyzer products in the overseas markets, Bettersize Instruments' expansion in the international powder analysis market has been in full swing. In order to deepen and strengthen the layout and penetration of the global market, open up more application fields around the world, and to increase the brand awareness of Bettersize Instruments, Bettersize Instruments' overseas multilingual websites are going to be launched in different phases, aiming to provide more meticulous and thoughtful services to customers around the world.
While the innovative brand of Bettersize Instruments continues to deepen and develop, the official website (www.bettersizeinstruments. com) of Bettersize Instruments will now be available in nine languages, namely English, Korean, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, and Japanese, providing customers all over the world with a platform for understanding Bettersize Instruments. This also presents Bettersize Instruments a new way to tap into the global market and a new window for external communication.

Bettersize Instruments continues to develop network marketing. Customers first learn about Bettersize Instruments on the website, then they approach Bettersize’s sales manager with further enquiry. This combination of resources creates better opportunities for the seamless collaboration between customers and Bettersize.
The Bettersize's multilingual website mainly includes six sections: Products , Application, Services and Support, WIKI, About Us and Contact Us. With the new multilingual website, customers from all over the world can better understand the product features of Bettersize Instruments more intuitively, it also better represents Bettersize Instruments’ global brand awareness and international market share.
After years of continuous innovation , Bettersize Instruments has became a leading provider for particle size and particle shape analysis instruments. Bettersize Instruments has became the favorable choice for the powder materials scientists and application engineers from China and all over the world!

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