The Forth National Bioparticle Conference and Industrial Pharmacy Industrialization Progress Symposium Is Coming

Organized by Bioparticle Professional Committee of Chinese Society of Particuology and the Guangdong Pharmaceutical Compliance Promotion Association, the "4th National Bioparticle Conference and Industrial Pharmacy Industrialization Progress Symposium", co-hosted by Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Shenzhen Xinyite Technology Co., Ltd. and Dandong Bettersize Instruments Ltd. , will be held in Shenzhen on November 16-17, 2019.

The Forth National Bioparticle Conference and Industrial Pharmacy Industrialization Progress Symposium Is Coming

The Bioparticle Professional Committee was officially approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs in June 2012. Under the direct leadership of Chinese Society of Particuology, it is committed to researches on life-related powder/particle properties and industrial formulation techniques, including processing and application of medicines, foods, health products, Chinese herbal medicines, feed additives, cosmetics and pharmaceutical excipients. It also encourages cross-sectoral and homogeneous grouping of the industry while enhance high-level communications to the greatest extent between the industries. Here are some examples: ultra-fine processing technology of powder can not only effectively improve the bioavailability of poorly soluble medicines in the body, but also has a great industrialization prospect, which will bring considerable economic benefits to the enterprise; the rise of nanotechnology in the late 1980s ,which has shown bright application prospects in the field of pharmaceutical formulation; various functionalized nanoparticles such as silicon, gold, carbon, calcium phosphate, which are not only highlighted in chemical engineering and materials science, but also in the researches of new drug delivery system.

The main theme of this conference is divided into two aspects:
(1) Industrial Pharmacy: Focusing on the industrialization problems exposed in the consistency evaluation work of generic drugs about solid formulation, exchanging on how powder or particle technologies influence the quality of medicine formulations;
(2) progress in high-end pharmaceutical formulation researches such as sustained release, controlled release, targeting and responsive micro/nano formulations.

In order to promote academic and technical exchanges home and abroad, collaborate industry-university-research institute, and establish an world famous academic platform where industrialization is theory-oriented, there will be experts, scholars, enterprise technicians, and student academic essays in relevant fields both home and abroad. Research results, new developments and new accomplishments will be displayed. Experts and companies concerning powder/particle processing technology and equipment, pharmaceutical excipients, and powder/particle characterization instruments (crystal form, particle shape and particle size, fluidity, compression formability, etc.) are welcome to join the conference and discuss on the application of powder/particle technologies in pharmaceutical solid formulations to improve the scientific, practical and manufacturability of pharmaceutical formulation technology. In addition, the relevant foreign experts will be invited to share relevant results and experience if needed.

This conference will be a grand gathering, which will combine theories with practices, for communication on pharmaceutical formulation as well as powder/granule technology and on industrial pharmacy industrialization among enterprises, universities and research institutes.

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