Collaboration agreements reached by Bettersize and DKSH AU and NZ

At the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 has swept the world. Affected by the epidemic, the global economy has entered a period of stagnation. However, in such a general environment, Bettersize made rapid adjustments. In the case of a bad global economic situation,Bettersize moved upstream and brought Bettersize instruments to the southern hemisphere.
DKSH was established in the 1860s as a world-leading and world-renowned market development service group company. Although the headquarters is in Zurich, the main business is in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Bettersize and DKSH New Zealand first met at Chicago PITTCON in 2017. Although Bettersize had already been successful in the domestic market, it was still new in the international market. At that time, after the two sides had some understanding and contact, Bettersize and DKSH NZ decided to cooperate again in the future.The good things take a long time. In  less than 3 years, Bettersize has gained more and more favor and attention from  customers in the Australian market. Therefore, in 2020, DKSH Australia and New Zealand once again approached Battersize and reached an agency agreement to promote Bettersize instruments in Australia and New Zealand. The epidemic and distance cannot stop the cooperation between Bettersize and DKSH Australia and New Zealand.

Thanks to the help of various agents, Bettersize Instruments' overseas application laboratories have opened in the United States, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, etc.  Now Bettersize laboratory has expanded to Australia and New Zealand. Bettersize will provide professional, fast, thoughtful, and enthusiastic service and technical support for global customers.

Bettersize, world class laser particle size analysis instruments manufacturer. 

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