Bettersizer Gets Warm Welcome in Pakistan, Embracing Belt and Road Trend

Bettersize attended the 5th Coating Show in Lahore, Pakistan by group, which embraces the “Belt and Road” trend.

The annual Pakistan Coating Show, which is firmly supported by local government and associations, is the most professional and most influential coating exhibition. Meanwhile, product and technology seminar will be held for experts, acdamics and company representatives to discuss the newest information and technology in this industry.

Annual Pakistan Coating Show

Bettersize fully entered Pakistan market in 2015. Since then, Bettersize sent our group to explore the local market many times and serve the customers closely in a professional and enthusiastic attitude, which has built good customer relationship.

Bettersize in Pakistan Coating Show

The good relationship between Bettersize and customer was fully displayed in this exhibition. Mr. and Mrs. Chaudhry provided the sample machine, Bettersizer 2000 for the show. And they tried their best to help us by transporting the machine before and after the show as well as actively interpreting when the visitor can’t speak English. Also, they recommeded Betterize equipment to, introduced our corporation to and shared user experience with our potential customers. This manifest the sincere friendship from Pakistan and recognition for products and service of Bettersize.

Bettersize in Pakistan Coating Show

During the show, the booth of Bettersize was popular among many customers both regular and new. The regular customers gave very good comment on our facility and service. Some of them even decided to order lazer and image particle size analyzer from Bettersize after they built and ran a new factory in a few months. Some of them brought new customers for Bettersize.

Bettersize in Pakistan Coating Show

We want to extend our heartful thanks to our customers for their trust and support, and we will provide equipment of higher quality as well as service that is more professional and considerate in return.

During the show, our group visited some users. Bettersize visited Pakistan users every year from 2017- 2019, helping customers maintaining the instrument and answering their questions. Because the relationship between Pakistan and India was on edge, some of the users thought the visit would be interrupted this year. To their surprise, Bettersize group attended the show with determination to provide the users with our best product and service.

Bettersize in Pakistan Coating Show

We met friends both old and new in the travel to Pakistan in 2019. Bettersize will contribute to the economic development of Pakistan and hope China-Pakistan friendship lasts forever.

Bettersize in Pakistan Coating Show
Bettersize in Pakistan Coating Show

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