Bettersize Technical Meeting for Northern Area

Bettersize Instruments has held a technical meeting forusers of Northern area in Dandong, the biggest border city of China. This meeting is mainly designed to help our customers in exchanging the experience of using Bettersize laser particle size analyzer and studying the application ability of particle size measurement technologies with added-value services.

Bettersize Technical Meeting for Northern Area


The sales manager guided the customers to the laboratory, exhibition hall, quality check center and production department. The strict production and inspection process as well as the tidy work environment made everyone impressed. In the exhibition hall, the innovation and development history of Bettersize was shown. Many customers were attracted by the faultless operation online check, which ensures the instruments are of high quality and the unboxing defective rate is zero, in the quality check center.



Bettersize sales director Lihua Cong host the meeting and gave a speech. Her speech informed the customers that the biggest particle size instrument production base, Bettersize Instruments was founded in 1995 and the products have been sold to over 50 countries and districts globally with annual sales volume over 1000 for two years. Besides, there are 6 offices and product experiential centers, offering outstanding services to our users worldwide under the guidance of "Professional, Fast, Warm and Considerate" discipline.

The first subject of the meeting, Bettersize particle measurement innovative technologies and application effects, was reported by general manager, Qingyun Dong. He introduced the competitive advanced technologies of Bettersize particle size analyzer in global market and showed laser diffraction plus automated imaging measurement technology, forward and reverse Fourier optical system, refractive index measurement technology and dual lens technology. The laser particle size analyzer with dry dispersion and wet dispersion, Bettersizer 2600 was introduced in detail. As an instrument with high performance and definition, Bettersizer 2600 can undertake multi-peak verification by measuring the particles of different size. Equipped with five configurations including micro dry dispersion, micro wet dispersion and solvent, this instrument makes sure any kind of sample can be measured with different methods. Moreover, last month, Bettersizer 2600 was certified as internationally advanced by Chinese Society of Particuology, featuring innovative technologies.


The second subject covering Bettersize particle size analyzer basic knowledge and theory, the factors that influence the results was illustrated by Yutao Yan, officer for Northeast area and Beijing. From the definition of particle and particle size to the theories to measure it, he analyzed many typical concepts, helping the customers to understand how the particle size report comes out. Many customers said they benefited a lot from the lecture.


Superior service engineer, Yan Jiang gave a lecture on the third subject, the daily maintenance and notice for using laser particle size analyzer. He analyzed common problems and according measures from the angle of usage and daily maintenance, informing the customers of the precautions in order to avoid affecting the accuracy of results.

Application Experiment

In the afternoon, the customers visited the application laboratory. Bettersize sales service vice manager, Dongrui Hou and other 10 engineers communicated and dicussed with our customers, some of whom are interested in particle analyzer or automatic image scanning system measurement methods. Some are attracted by particle characteristic analyzer. They also operated the instrument by themselves.

Application Experiment1

After that, customers were divided into groups to discuss on the questions they care the most. There are two kinds of problems that were highlighted, the problem during the operation of the instrument and problem that have not been met before. After intense discussion, our customers were satisfactory with the answers to their questions. Through the presentation and lectures, our customers got better understanding of particle size measurement knowledge including theories and precautions for maintenance.

Application Experiment2

Considerate Service is the Highlight of Bettersize

During the meeting, the distinguished service attitude was displayed. Our customer not only has learned about laser particle size analyzer and particle size measurement but also has witnessed the strict production management, high-quality instruments and outstanding research and innovation strength of Bettersize Instruments, the leading corporation in the field.

After this activity, our customers all showed their trust to and confidence in our company, our products and our services.

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