Bettersize R&D Director Jilai Fan Won the "Liaoning Youth Science and Technology Award"

On July 16, the Organization Department of Liaoning Party Committee, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Science and Technology Department, Communist Youth League Provincial Committee and Provincial Science and Technology Association jointly issued the "Decision on Awarding the Winners of the Twelfth Liaoning Youth Science and Technology Awards". Jilai Fan, Director of R&D Center in Dandong Bettersize Instruments Ltd, who was the only outstanding scientific and technological worker in Dandong City among the 40 winners in the province, won the title of Liaoning Youth Science and Technology Award.

 Liaoning Youth Science and Technology Award
Jilai Fan has been engaged in particle measurement technology research for 17 years. He and his team have accomplished numerous achievements through unique dedication and scientific method in the field of laser particle size measurement theory, inverse operations, optical system, particle refractive index measurement, image particle analysis technology. A total of 63 patents were obtained (20 personal patents), among which the laser particle size dual lens optical system, the forward and reverse Fourier optical system, and the particle refractive index measurement technology are the world's initiative technologies. Filling gaps in particle measurement technology both home and abroad, China's particle measurement technology has got systematic and independent intellectual property rights, and has made outstanding contributions to the improvements of China's particle measurement technology.

Particle measurement technology
In the field of application technology research, the research and development team headed by Fan Jilai has done a lot of groundbreaking work, and launched dozens of applications including laser plus image particle size analysis system, intelligent particle size measurement system, nanoparticle size test technology, dynamic image particle analysis system, Zeta potential measurement technology and luminous flux compensation. These technologies have made the technical performance of Bettersize particle analysis instruments always at the leading position both home and abroad, and have made outstanding contributions to Bettersize's position as a leading company in China's particle measurement industry.

In 2018, Jilai Fan won the Youth Particle Science Award from Chinese Society of Particuology. He won the Liaoning Youth Science and Technology Award this year, which was fully recognized by provincial and municipal governments and other enterprises. This is not only an affirmation of Jilai Fan’s personal achievements, but also recognition of Bettersize's long-term commitment to particle measurement technology development and outstanding achievements. Bettersize will live up to the expectations of our supporters through continuous work on particle measurement technology research and development as well as commitment to the development and manufacture of high-level particle measurement instruments, providing high-quality products and services to new and regular customers worldwide.

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