Bettersize Outward Bound

On the afternoon of June 24th, a series of activities were started to boost the morale and help improve relationship among the staff. General manager, Qingyun Dong was invited to participate in all these activities. Also, he gave a speech about the importance of being a person with outstanding capabilities and good qualities.

He cited the examples of good business etiquette to explain the significance of self-cultivation. Also, he quoted a motto,"Self-introspection should be practiced on a daily basis.", to encourage the staff to be more and more capable through self-cultivation. This speech was greeted with rapturous applause.

Our party arrived Wulong Mountain golf club in Shaanxi province on June 30th. Impressed by the beautiful landscape, everyone was so active in the team building activities and competitions. The staff enjoyed a great time. It was a benefiting experience for edification and relaxation.

On the afternoon of June 1st, our members helped in cleaning the surroundings of Bettersize factory according to the tradition. This practice was praised by neighborhood companies and city cleaners.

The activities which include speech and outward bound are very memorable according to our staff. We firmly believe that Bettersize will make continuous improvements and get better.

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