Bettersize Instruments and Russian Subsidiary Hold Hands to Write the New Chapter of Globalization

In order to promote business in Russia and its neighbour countries, Bettersize Instruments Ltd. and Yars Analytic Ltd. established a joint company Bettersize RUS in Moscow in 2018. The company employs Russia's senior particle size field expert Mr. Alexander as the technical manager, who is responsible for Bettersize's products development, after-sales service and technical support. In November 2019, after verification by Russian authoritative institutions, Bettersize's laser particle size analyzer and image particle size analyzers and powder characteristics testers, a total of 15 models, have obtained the metrology instrument certification of the Russian Federation. Bettersize now holds a front seat ticket to enter the Russian particle characteristic market.

Friends visit Bettersize Instruments

Bettersize Instruments business exchange activities

On January 12, 2020, technical manager Alexander and sales director Mr Farrukh came to Bettersize and began a week-long technical and business exchange activities. Mr Dong Qingyun, general manager of Bettersize, Dr Li, technical director, and members of International team warmly received Russian guests, and the two sides had an in-depth exchange on development strategies and cooperation issues. Mr Faruukh presented a report on the market situation in Russia and related regions. He highlights the potential of the market in this region through detailed market research and analysis data.

During the visit, Bettersize international service manager Hou Dongrui introduced two models of laser particle size analyzers in detail, i.e. the laser & image particle size analyzer---Bettersizer S3 Plus and Bettersizer 2600 using Fourier and reverse Fourier combination technology. Tested the Russian Federation standard samples and high-density metal powder samples, and the sample preparation and technical points during dry and wet measurements were explained in detail. The test results are well inside the Russian Federation and ISO 13320 standards requirement range.

Bettersize Instruments lab visit

At the Bettersize 2019 Summary and Recognition Conference, General Manager Dong presented Mr Alexander with the "Advanced Certificate in Technical Training", and awarded the "best international sales team" trophy to the sales team of the Russian subsidiary.

The establishment and comprehensive business of Bettersize Russia team mark that Bettersize has begun to take root, sprout, blossom and bear fruit on the vast land of Eastern Europe under the banner of the country's "The Belt And Road". We look forward to having even fruitful cooperation between the two sides.

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