Bettersize Group Visit Southeast Asia for Client Reviews

In the stifling July this year, sales manager of BETTERSIZE INSTRUMENTS, Lin Sun visited our customers in Southeast Asia. It was the forth time he had visited this area in summer. He said, “Although going out in such hot weather is a tough thing, it is more important to get connected to our customers. That’s why I visit there annually.”

To serve our customers better, the sales service manager of BETTERSIZE, Dongrui Hou also joint this visit. The tour this year starts from Thailand. We co-host a seminar with our partner, BRENNTAG GROP in Thailand. The seminar was targeted on customers in pesticide industry. We simulated the whole production procedures from sample preparation, grinding to the final test of finished products.

The seminar was divided into two parts. First we made a technical communication and introduction by presentation.


Then we let the customers operate the instruments by themselves in the afternoon under the guidance of our sales service manager.
operate the instruments

We met more than 40 customers from 15 different companies during the seminar, thanks to our partner BRENNTAG GROUP, who helped us in gathering and communicating with the customers.

communicate with customers

We had a great time with BRENNTAG GROUP.


After the seminar, we visited our regular customer SPKG. The manager of SPK company, Mr. Sanya, recommended our product to his friends after using our instrument for one year. Our sales manager carried out thorough maintenance of customer's instrument.

sales manager

Then we left Thailand for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to visit local industry-leading coating producers and a pesticide producer. The meeting was quite satisfactory.

We also visited a customer, manager of a well-known company in Penang, Mr. Shaw to give a detailed feedback to the questions they have and help them to operate more smoothly.

Heading to the north, we arrived in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to visit the manager of CK PORCELAIN, Mr. Wu. He has used our instrument for seven years and he always recommend our instrument to other companies. Our sales service manager did a complete maintenance for customer’s instrument. We visited our new customer there as well.

At the last destination of the tour, we visited Khánh Hòa province to install and adjust the instrument as well as make customer training. Every detail from power ground connection to the quality of water dispersion medium was strictly checked and every question raised in training was professionally answered.
\install and adjust the instrument
We really appreciate the support and trust of our clients. The visit was really fruitful and we will improve our product and service further according to customer’s feedback.

Bettersize Instruments Ltd.,
International Sales Department
Lin Sun


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