Bettersize attended the silicon dioxide innovation conference in 2020

On July 3rd, experts of the silica material industry and academia gathered in the beautiful city Guangzhou, China to participate in the "2020 National Silica Material Innovation and Application Technology Meeting" held by China Powder Network and sponsored by Bettersize Instrument Ltd.
In the conference, Dr. Brian Li, the technical director of Bettersize, shared with the report "establishing the super fine silicon powder particle size measurement and quality control system". With a large number of application cases and the measured data, Dr. Li gave a successful presentation about silica material size characterization in a concise and humorous way. The key points in the particle size measurement, the merits and demerits of various testing methods were explained with profundity and an easy-to-understand approach, which was well received with great enthusiasm.
In addition, the Bettersizer 2600 wet and dry particle size analyser and the BeVision S1 analyser was exhibited. Many attendees were attracted by the exhibition stand of Bettersize and after they had a better understanding of the importance of particle size controlling of the silica material, they expressed great interest and put forward their respective questions on their samples. Many customers conducted detailed consultations on site and hoped to cooperate with Bettersize in depth through this opportunity. As a professional supplier of particle size, particle shape, powder characteristics measurement instruments, Bettersize has always actively participated in the research and construction of various particle characterization solutions of the powder industry, hoping to work closely with the industry to give full play to the technical advantages of Bettersize.
During this exhibition, while reaching cooperation agreements and intentions with many clients, Bettersize also had friendly communication with its peers, made many new friends, learned the latest market conditions of the silica material industry, which would also bring new opportunities to the future development of Bettersize. As of the evening of the same day, the 2020 silica material industry meeting officially came to an end in the praise of the participants. The technical report and instrument display activities of Bettersize were successfully completed, giving a perfect stop to the journey.

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